I have been training with Bridget for about a year and have always found our training to be energising and fun.
Bridget has extensive experience, a sunny disposition and I continue to benefit from the effort she takes to carefully construct progressive programmes (including working around a back injury). In my mind this is what personal training is really about – professional training, personally tailored and aligned to realistic goals to your timetable.

Bryan, Chancery Lane

Having Bridget as my personal trainer was the best investment I have ever made. I am now 34 and I had not done any sport for the past 10 years. Although I used to be quite fit with a vast experience in the Gym prior to that, that was all history. Multiple attempts of returning to the gym have failed miserably. My problems were I used to stop going after a few weeks and quickly fall off the wagon. I now realised that was because of lack of planning, little free time, too optimistic start and most importantly no results. Working out with Bridgett has simply solved those problems. As I saw myself as someone who knows how to use the GYM “been there done that” attitude, I have been always too sceptical of the need of a PT. Well boy was I wrong. The facts are in 4 months I went from 14st 1 to 12st 10lb (that’s 17 pounds) waist dropped by 5inches, two sizes down, and starting from not being to run at all, I just did a 12 k run last week in just 1 hour. But anyone can eventually produce results, what really kept me seeing Bridget week in and week out is her truly remarkable work ethic, flexibility, respecting my busy lifestyle, tremendous knowledge base, encyclopaedic amount of variety of workouts (not a single day been like another in 4 months) and last but not least a meticulously tailored workout that not only meets my needs and targets but also is very sensitive to how I am on the day. I seriously cannot recommend Bridget strongly enough. If you are looking for the perfect trainer that will actually listen to what you say and want, a trainer that would talk to you and not at you, then please look no further. And most importantly she’s really good fun too and when I am not crying of pain…..we are always having a laugh or two.

Mo, Old Street

I have been training with Bridget once a week for over a year and I have seen real differences in both my body shape and my attitude towards exercise and diet.
Bridget’s training style is great- she has lots of energy, tons of knowledge and makes every session different which means I never get bored. Bridget has taken time to understand the best ways to motivate, and get the best from me in the sessions and I really appreciate the time and effort she puts in.
Bridget has developed exercise plans for me in between sessions that fit into my busy working week and she encourages me to adopt the mind- set that every little counts – even walking up the stairs rather than taking the lift!
I highly recommend Bridget as a personal trainer.

Jill, Muswell Hill