My Services

I am a level 3 personal trainer, with further qualifications in STOTT pilates, circuit training, spinning, kettlebells, suspension training, boxercise and core stability. I am also a supple strength instructor and qualified to work with pre and post natal clients as well as older adults.


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An excellent addition to any session, boxercise boxing fitness provides a fun, safe and stress busting full body workout. It is suitable for all abilities whether you are experienced in boxing and enjoy incorporating it into your fitness routine or whether you have never put on a boxing glove in your life and would just like to give it a go.
This workout will not only provide you with enjoyable cardio exercise but will also help you strengthen your upper body and core while simultaneously improving your co-ordination and reaction speeds.

Supple strength

supple strength

With a focus on posture, core stability and body alignment supple strength provides a challenging holistic workout suitable for all fitness levels. By blending elements of yoga, pilates and body conditioning this workout encourages you to use your mind along with your muscles and allows you to gain exceptional body awareness and movement control.



Developing strength in your core along with knowing how to engage and use the muscles of your core correctly is an essential accompaniment to any other form of exercise. Good core strength will not only help support your spine and keep it safe but it will assist in enhancing performance across any sport as well as throughout your daily living activities. Pilates exercises are also perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their posture and can give you both the understanding of how to activate relevant muscles and the strength you need to work towards the posture you would like to achieve



Kettlebell training involves a range of moves that provide an excellent full body workout. Explosive kettlebell exercises challenge all the major muscle groups giving you the benefits of both traditional dumbbell exercises and a high intensity cardio workout at once. The way they are weighted away from the handle provides an instability in the weight which causes your core to work extra hard so as well as burning fat and building power you build on your core strength at an increased rate as well.

Suspension Training


A highly portable piece of equipment suspension training allows you to use your own body weight to produce an all body workout anywhere you can attach a simple set of straps either to a post or tree branch or even in a door frame at home. By using more or less of your body weight all exercises can be easily adapted to any ability and the kit can also be used to help beginners out with achieving the perfect posture on simple exercises like squats and lunges so they have some support while they build up the relevant muscles.

Circuit Training

Circuit training

Circuit training involves going through a variety of exercises one after the other with each performed for a set number of repetitions or length of time before moving on to the next. There is no limit to what exercises can be used as part of a circuit so the approach is easily tailored to suit an individuals needs and is an excellent way to build up mobility, strength and stamina.

Nutritional Advice


The right nutrition will improve your progress whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or any type of sporting performance. I always encourage people to take a look at their nutrition as soon as they start a new program and am happy to offer advice which is relevant to your personal aims..