Fed Up – Documentary


If you are anything like me the information long since realized by those in the know and starting to get the international attention it deserves that sugar seems to be our arch-nemesis will have come as a devastating blow. I have long since struggled against an all consuming love of most things sweet and it is the one area of my health which requires the most dedication for me to maintain. While I am perfectly happy to leap out of bed run off somewhere for an hour or so, swing a kettlebell around or go and attack a punch bag, the task of not succumbing to the myriad delights of the chocolate selection thrust in front of our eyeballs at the tills in any supermarket, newsagent, pharmacy and even, ridiculously, stationary stores, books shops and similar is a far trickier business for me.

If you are fairly new to the idea of what an efficient job sugar is doing of ruining your health, are interested in the topic, or simply enjoy a decent documentary I would recommend watching Fed Up. This documentary explores the issue of child and teenage obesity in the U.S and gives some starter information on the role sugar is playing in sabotaging the nations weight loss efforts.

The problem, of course, stems from the fact we consume far, far too much of it so it is important to know helping you to pile on the pounds is not the only crime of this wolf in sheeps clothing. As a brief introduction to the many offences of sugar it can have a negative affect on your mood and even increase your risk of suffering from depression, excessive amounts are toxic to your liver and can have similar effects to excessive alcohol consumption causing fatty liver syndrome, this combined with weight gain put you at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high sugar intake can suppress you immune system and cause inflammation within the body which puts you at higher risk for a vast array of chronic illnesses and makes recovery from disease harder…..and to add insult to injury some studies suggest sugar will also throw making you look older into the bargain by influencing our collagen and elastin which are responsible for keeping our skin looking young.

I recently watched the documentary pictured above and would advise it as an interesting (and shocking) starting point if you would like a little more info on the state of modern day sugar consumption and how it is linked to obesity.

I’m sure after this information you need no more convincing that to safeguard your health you need to avoid sugar where possible, but, we are up against a powerful force. Sugar has also been shown in studies to be highly addictive, there are even instances of rats choosing sugar over cocaine so if you are like me and a little too fond of the sweet treat its time to start really paying attention to the many ways in which it sneaks into our lives. It is not enough to know this information in theory, you need to start taking note of what you consume and turning knowledge into practice.