Once kitted out with aforementioned sturdy sports bra and a plan to keep you on track, assuming you have successfully dug out a pair of trainers (ideally ones with a bit of life left in them and not the variety which have accompanied you through the last 10 years of life, been dragged through 7 house moves, lost for years only to be triumphantly rediscovered camouflaged in mud in the attic and popped back on as if they are good to go, despite having had one corner of the heel eroded over time to form a precarious wedge at the back) the next thing you need is to equip yourself with the sort of attitude which leads to success.

Mainly this means a positive attitude, here you could insert any of a range of motivational quotes, such as Henry Ford’s famous “whether you think you can or you think you cant you’re right”. One I particularly enjoyed myself came from the above book. It is geared more towards business success, but many of the principles work perfectly for your health and fitness goals; below are a few quotes from my favourite page…

“You can achieve the unachievable”

“Firstly you need to aim beyond what you are capable of”

“You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end”

“Try to do the things that you’re incapable of”

“Make your vision of where you want to be a reality”

If you are able to combine this sort of positive thinking with a consistent output of effort towards your fitness goal you will go far.

Consistency is key. Anyone can complete a lone workout in a fit of enthusiasm or prepare and consume a single healthy meal, but is it those who manage to motivate themselves consistently, week after week, year after year to keep these habits up who will reap the greatest rewards. However, as we all know, nobody is perfect, lives all have ups and downs and when you experience a lapse in this all important consistency I would like you to contemplate the following analogy……

Most of us these days carry a phone pretty much everywhere we go. Like our health our phones are important to us, but regardless of their value to us, sometimes our phones get dropped. When this happens we simply pick it up, maybe give it a dust off and pop it back our pocket/bag. The majority of the time no harm comes to it, sometimes it may have chipped a corner or sustained a scratch or two as it hit the deck, this is annoying, but we get our phone to safety and carry on.

Now, apply this principle to other mistakes in life, more specifically for the purposes of my point, to errors made where you stray from your health and fitness plans.

To give a personal example for years my nemesis has been sugar….me having a piece of chocolate would not stop at one or two sensible pieces and putting the rest of the block safely away for another day (dropping my phone and picking it up again) but would end up, if we return to our analogy, as the equivalent of dropping my phone, stamping on it repeatedly, picking it up only to throw it with my full force at a nearby wall then picking it up and chucking it in the river….not surprisingly when I then require a functional phone to carry on my life with the next day it is a little trickier to get back on track.

So if you miss a planned workout or two or go away for the weekend and live of chips and beer for two days do not think ‘right, that’s it, I’ve ruined it, I may as well not go back to the gym for 6 weeks or give myself chips for dinner every night of the following week as well now….this is horribly flawed logic, be sensible, get it in perspective, pick your phone up, carry on, there has been an error but if you get straight back on track you will be much better off than if you use it as an excuse to run riot.