About me

I became a mobile personal trainer in order to help people achieve an active, healthy approach to living in a way that suits their individual life style. There are many reasons why not everyone wants to or is able to join and attend a gym. This could be anything from not having the time around long hours at work or looking after children to feeling embarrassed to exercise in a gym environment, feeling like they don’t fit in or don’t know what to do there or simply just not enjoying the atmosphere.

I believe that being physically fit is closely linked to our mental state and emotional well being and should therefore be something that everyone knows how to do and prioritises in life. By teaching people to exercise wherever they are, at home, at work, in their garden or a space in a park, without relying on a gym full of equipment I hope to give them the knowledge they need to keep themselves fit throughout their lives regardless of what facilities they have access to. By visiting people at a time and in a location that is convenient to them they can have all the added motivation and guidance they would get from professionals in a gym without having to factor in travel time, how to get there, timetables that don’t suit their schedule, feeling uncomfortable, struggling to find out how to work at their own level or simply not enjoying what they are doing and not knowing how to change it.

I believe keeping workouts varied and fun is the key to keeping people motivated by the exercise they are doing and constantly providing new challenges allows people to reach their goals while never losing interest. I have always been a keen exerciser and have enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities over the years. As well as keeping up all the styles of exercise I do with my clients I am also a keen runner and happy to give my opinions on running technique as well as exercises that compliment a running program.

Since qualifying as a PT I have continued taking courses to further my knowledge and try to carry on learning as much as possible about health and fitness, anatomy and physiology and nutrition for both fat loss and sporting performance. Before becoming a PT I completed a degree in psychology and i am currently studying movement neurology to better understand the links between brain function and body movement.

I thoroughly enjoy my work, especially assisting people with their personal success stories and like to try and spread my enjoyment of an active lifestyle by keeping my sessions fun and friendly and as well as getting people to push themselves I love to have a laugh with my clients and see them enjoy the sessions.

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